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Chest Canvas update


This is the third laser etched sample, which aimed to explore etching potential on a medium and heavy weight canvas with a 2 sectioned fusible chest felt. The aim was to remove all traces of the chest felt in the etched areas while ensuring the fused felt remains firmly in fixed in the non etched areas. The effect is similar to that of valor wallpaper.

This sample used a power setting of 100.00 speed setting of 80% and frequency of 1000.

The felt did etch well to reveal the canvas beneath, however there were traces of the felt remaining. The light weight canvas was too heavily etched and became brittle, breaking on touch (note bottom right hand area of both canvas images). The heavy weight canvas remains stable with a light brown etched colour. The sample on the right is an attempt to paint the partially exposed etched canvas with acrylic paints and apply adhesive rhinestones by hand. The remaining felt in the canvas area affects both the adhesive strength of the rhinestones and the quality of the painted areas.

For my next sample, I intent to try:

Heavy weight canvas and split fusible felt.

  • Power 100.00

  • Speed 65

  • Frequency 5000.00

  • Setting - leather

  • Process - embossed (not standard).

Post laser etching:

I would like to explore:

  • Acrylic painting techniques

  • Rhinestone application using a hotfix applicator

  • Machine embroidery over the top in sections only.