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CLo3D - Virtual and Coffin Draping

Clo3d was recommended to me during my formative assessment as it was felt it could push the digital artisan and hybrid craft concept. Furthermore I explained in my narration the exploratory nature of questioning 2D, 3D and 4D patterns in relation to the body and silhouette. The software significantly reduces the prototyping stage as cutting and sampling are eliminated and this in theory could have positive business, design and financial advantages for small businesses and start ups, especially those that operate a co design model or offer personalisation options. Clo3d allows flat 2D patterns to be visualised 3 dimensionally on an avatar, with the designer having the capabilities to view the garments all round the avatar. Any changes made to the flat pattern, be it colour, fabric, graphics, stitching, piping, size, shape etc will be "synchronised" to the 3D version. Alternatively the designer can work on the 3D avatar to determine positioning of features, draw stitch line or pin draped elements, which then appear on the 2D version. Early experimentation with the software suggests that the 3D pattern cannot be changed in terms on shape and size, this needs to be done on the 2D version. The images above show how a 3D cube can be virtually draped and then manipulated on CAD. The software allowed for easy relocation of the neck opening, alteration of panel sizing and colour and in the bottom row of images, the "pressure" option was increased creating an inflated appearance.

This can be compared to the 3D version on calico using a mannequin as seen in the following images. Here I manually cut the patterns, constructed the calico sample and positioned on, around and over the mannequin intuitively. At present, I am still drawn to the traditional method of pinning the clothing and sculpting as opposed to the CAD alternative, however the time benefits and visual manipulation benefits of the CAD option currently seem more vast. It is difficult draping using CAD and I do not feel in total control of what is happening. I do question whether I would be able to take the altered CAD design and pattern and be able to recreate physically?