• The Disruptive Designer

First Group Tutorial

01.10.2018 - MA Studio

Due to work commitments, I admittedly have done little since the MA presentations the week prior. However, a week of contemplation has made me reevaluate and focus my MA, questioning my motives and what I want to get out of it. Reading the exemplar project proposals has helped guide me into drafting my project proposal. I have been feeling as if I need to complete the draft proposal before I can start "researching" and any practical investigation. My tutorial, has broken this barrier, as I now understand that the proposal is a LIVE document, which can be amended throughout my masters duration, based on my findings and decision making throughout.

I do feel I need to actually begin gathering data, experimenting etc and allow this to direct the direction of my ma, while still keeping my aims and motives in mind. Looking around the MA studio at the white walls and speaking to both first and second years, it has reenforced the idea that this is a journey of self discovery and development and time frames may differ considerably.

I have emailed Oxfam Wastesaver and proposed a date to investigate donated jackets to their sorting office in an attempt to better understand the relationship damage and ware has on consumer desirability. A spread sheet has been drawn out which will be completed and analysed afterwards. This research and results could possibly be used as abstract for the PLATE conference.

Examining the jackets could lead me into investigating repair and design for durability.