• The Disruptive Designer

First Project Presentation

Today was my first project presentation to NTU staff and peers. My Powerpoint showcased my career path from graduation through to present day highlighting key milestones and influences, helping to explain how my design aesthetic and creative mindset has been influenced over the last 18 years by my personal interests, circumstances, opportunities and social environment. The second half of my presentation discussed my ma project proposal, using the proforma as a basis for thought (this can be downloaded from the documentation page). Feedback was very supportive and I was encouraged to rethink the relationship between the 3D & 4D experimental draping work carried out in my teachings (early 2018) at SHU and my approach to refashioning tailored suits. The draping method (sculpted draping as I like to call it, see images below) has already gained interest by academics interested in pedagogy, risk taking and pattern creation. Sculpted draping combines 3D & 4D draping with subtraction pattern and TR cutting, helping to challenge traditional pattern cutting and design processes.

By blending Sculpted Draping with tailoring, it could create very interesting outcomes which could raise debate and discussion, offering a rethink in approaches. I anticipate challenges arising in the creation of the 3D and 4D shapes using already cut pattern pieces of differing shapes and sizes. One approach to solving this could be to combine multiple suit panels to form a large area of cloth which could then be re-sewn into shapes for sculpting. If processes are applied to either individual pieces prior combining or even after combining, once the sculpting has been carried out, the outcome could be very impacting. The overall affect would address several of my aims in offering an alternative tailored aesthetic and offering currency for conference calls for papers and journals, particularly those centred around education, practices, skills, risk taking or sustainability.

During the research and experimentation stages of my ma, I will explore this further to gauge potential.