• The Disruptive Designer

First Supervisor Meeting 08/11/2018

My first meeting with Robin was very productive and gave me an opportunity to discuss my project from a philosophical and practical perspective. Interestingly Robin was unable to understand my full intentions from reading my project proposal only, but once I showed images of sketchbook work it made more sense. The pattern cutting element didn't come across in the proposal as strong or balanced as the hybrid craft element and this needs reviewing. To be honest it was added in afterwards, influenced by research. I will continually refine the proposal before the submission in Feb 2019 and look at adding imagery and repackaging the document to improve clarity and visual aesthetics.

Robin felt my project could benefit from the addition of a 3D element to add an unexpected dimension which could lead to innovative discoveries. It was recommended I look into something that adds a laminated element and thus moulded, structured feature. This is something I also considered previously, but was concerned with time and eliminated the idea.

Robin was very favourable about the 3D and 4D draping work, an element that has been well received from everyone I have consulted and recommended that the Morris element focuses purely on textiles and process creation, which can then be used in the Carpenter Coffin draping. This does make more sense and could work very well. I will explore coffin constructions, particularly quilting, which also links to historical military tailoring.

In terms of a 3rd element, I would like to add even more of me to the mix and to reflect on a previous job role and associated processes. From 2002 - 2006 I worked as a vehicle technician for Toyota, where I was responsible for enhancing vehicles to add a custom element, e.g. adding additional ICE kits, spoilers, lower shocks, fogs, sensors, tinted windows etc... Exploring car modification will allow me to experiment with mould making, fibre glass, resins and shape building. This area could also open up the introduction of electronics, lights and audio etc...

Designers who align to this way of working include Iris Van Herpen and Hussein Chalayan.

In summary

Carpenter - "Suits are a coffin for the body" - Draped tailored aesthetic - 3D & 4D experimentation - Informs draping process and shaping

Morris - Dying, needlework and print - nature inspired - informs textiles, process and surface decoration.

Morrish - Cross disciplinary working - car modification, unorthodox materials - informs structured shaping and hybrid craft.

Shared Values: Respect for craft and processes - making a social difference - raising awareness of environment and health and well being issues - change makers - activists.