• The Disruptive Designer

Formative Assessment Presentation

4th Feb 2019 - 12.20pm - Barnes Wallis building

Format 2: 10 mins verbal presentation to peers and tutors with supported Powerpoint, followed by 10 mins Q&A.

Content: To provide an update on project to date, including future actions.

The presentations included students from various MA courses, across years 1 & 2. It was a great opportunity to see how others projects have evolved and the various formats and methodologies applied. Understanding the intentions of others, encouraged me to question my own motives and decision making regarding formats, purpose and theories.

Important contributing factor: The presentation took place during a time of personal mental difficulties. Being signed off work with stress not only has restricted me to access of equipment at Hallam, but also has made me question my short, medium and long term career plan. I am aware that this frame of mind is only temporary and when I am back to normal again, my view and output on my future may look very different to how it does at present time. It is therefore vital, that no rash decisions are made as a result of the feedback received and observations made from these presentations.

Presentation Delivery: My presentation overran by 2 minutes, however I was expecting this to happen as it also occurred in my rehearsals. Before removing any content, I enquired with Sean about the strictness of the 10 minute limit and the flexibility of this condition. I was reassured that 2 minutes should be ok on this occasion. I therefore made the decision to deliberately overrun in order to present my project update without removing vital content.

Although I was not in a confident frame of mind and was given the option and to either not present or present to staff only, I decided it be in my best interest to present to my peers in order to build self confidence and reduce future anxieties when presenting to large group sizes.

Feedback from Tutors:

Debbie: No feedback provided.

Robin (Supervisor): My research questions and supporting questions have potential for PHD investigation. Robin commented that my presentation had everything expected and was delivered well. Robins concerns lay with the time frame and the work load of my proposal, feeling that there are distinct paths, one (creative cutting) which is very interesting and has millage from dissemination from an academic perspective. Robin would like me to get the credit for the coffin draping method and not someone else. The tailoring and surface manipulation is more suitable for my business aspirations and has more commercial (money making) opportunities. It is more difficult to create a signature style and to become recognised in comparison to the creative cutting. Robin believes I would be better to choose one path and do it excellently than to try to and do two paths reasonably well.

Sean: Sean was not agreeing totally with Robins comments and stated that any decision has to be mine and suitable for my future aspirations. This might be as an academic or as a entrepreneur. Logical, strategic or follow my passion. Sean, does not feel at present that one path only needs to be explored, but believes that I may need to make a more informed choice in the future and I need to be aware of this. The question really is, how would I like to steer my future?

The presentation was followed by a 1to1 tutorial with Robin and the discussion of my sketchbook work, samples and my thoughts on the feedback given.

My thoughts: I was a little surprised by the comments, but understand and fully appreciated the honesty, concerns and the advice given. I need seriously consider this, given the experience of the tutors when dealing with MA projects and especially as they are also practicing academics and have families. Both in similar situations as myself, so understand my concerns and other pressures placed upon me externally.

I have decided that at present I will continue to explore both routes, the creative cutting and the tailoring. I will keep a close eye on the timeframe and make a more informed decision (If I need to) in the future when I have more samples and more clarity in my thought process.

Currently I am more in favor of exploring the personalisation of mens tailoring and story telling telling through narrative and manipulation of surface pattern and texture.

Work Life Balance: Obtaining a good work life balance is my goal. I enjoy teaching but feel frustrated at times as I do not seem to have time for my own project work and creative outlet. I also have a family that I want to spend time with and enjoy.

My Ideal: 3 or 2 days a week as an academic, 2 or 3 days a week on my own work and the weekends and evenings free to spend with my family.

Possible outputs of MA:

Output 1: (Carpenter)

  • Creatively cut artefacts - coffin draping and automotive moulding - focusing on process and theory with a series of half scale looks, patterns

  • Paper abstract for conference

Output 2: (Morris)

  • Series of textile samples - displaying surface manipulation methodologies aimed at the personalisation of mens jackets.

  • Paper abstract for conference or book

Output 2: (Kingfly Tailoring)

  • Case study - Jacket - Client commission based on a theme - evidencing a combination of the above (output 1 & 2).

  • Patterns, CADs, samples, toiles, mood board, Infographics of design process etc..

  • Videos, time lapse photography of processes for website or social media

Project Proposal.