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Hand & Lock Finalist

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

July 25th - Finalists Informed

Delighted to announce that I have made the final 24 for the Hand & Lock Embroidery Competition. I entered the Textile Art Student Category as my piece was not a wearable garment and I felt my embroidery skills are not comparable to professionals and amateurs.

As a masters student, I am entitled to enter as a student, but part of me feels uncomfortable with this decision due to my academic job role.

I do not envisage winning this competition however I do intend to maximise the opportunities it brings. This includes, promotion through social media, networking online and through events as well as gaining advice from my allocated mentor, Mr Daniel Heath.

I now have a month and a half to refine my submission piece based on reflection, quality and others feedback. My mentor has already provided feedback, stating ...

"The embroidery work is exquisite, but I wonder if the frame is detracting from it as a piece? I like the frame, but it seems at odds to the piece and feels very heavy, in my honest opinion. I understand that it is reflective of the industry of the time, but wonder if it is too much? Have you considered other ways of displaying the piece? I feel like it is almost a prop."

The balance of the frame and canvas piece is something that has been on my mind recently, with me questioning whether the frame is the correct colour? Given Daniels feedback, perhaps a solid colour application would give a more contemporary and lighter feel. I have decided to seek the advice of Debbie, Sean and Robin before I attempt to change the colour as getting it wrong could have a major impact on the piece.

Producing this sample has been an incredibly worthwhile experience full of lots of experimentation and problem solving, while opening the doors for networking and collaboration. Taking advantage of this competition opportunity has given me the confidence to seek other opportunities for my work and the boost I need to enter the second year.

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