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State of Mind and Procrastination

03.10.2018 - 9.10pm

Today I was determined to spend the afternoon working on my MA at work (SHU). I was teaching this morning, lvl 4s on time management strategies for multitasking, but the afternoon ended up being absorbed by chasing up non attendees, uploading resources to Blackboard, attempting to book a London field trip for January and completing health & safety and risk assessment documentation. Having to leave work at 4.30pm in order to collect my son from after school club at 6 pm, meant very little work was completed for my MA as intended. It has got me worrying about how much time I can realistically dedicate to my MA. On paper is one thing, but reality is another thing altogether. My teaching timetable is light on teaching this semester with a handful of sessions and lectures needing preparation prior, yet I am struggling early on. Not sure how I will manage once my teaching becomes more intense and I start practical work on my MA.

I did manage to spend time talking to a colleague who has recommended I look for:

Edward Carpenter - England's Ideals - Simplification of life (paper) - I have managed to download this publication as a pdf and will study his works in due course.

Craft of use: Post- Growth Fashion - Kate Fletcher - This book explores the ‘craft of use’, the cultivated, ordinary and ingenious ideas and practices that promote satisfying and resourceful use of garments, presenting them as an alternative, dynamic, experiential frame with which to articulate and foster sustainability in the fashion sector.


For me I do feel I need to work further on my project proposal to clarify in my own mind what direction to pursue and why? I have done a lot of soul searching recently asking the question, why? what for? to what end.... I need to ensure that what I set out to do is achievable in the time frame of the ma and the time I have available to dedicate.

Jacket Selection for dyeing:

This evening I decided to select 3 wool suits from my wardrobe, that I no longer wear, that can be used for dying experimentation a week on Friday at NTU. To my surprise I expected most of my suits to be 100% wool with polyester or blended lining. However only 5 out of 30 suits were 100% (shell) with the rest a blend of wool, polyester, elastane and cotton.

Referring back to the dye workshop we were advised to stay away from blended yarns as the dyes may not take too well and intended results are a lot more difficult to achieve without a lot of prior sampling. From a business perspective this could be very problematic and another method of recolouring a jacket may need to be explored for blends.

When I visit Oxfam (date still to be confirmed) to analyse donated jackets, I will record the breakdown of suit fibre composition in more detail to get a better understanding on obsolescence, quality and cloth type.

I will seeks David's Hurst (Dye Technician) on options to dye blended wool as well as research online and through publications.