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Wilcom Digital Embroidery Winner

Thursday 21st November - Bisphotesgate Institute London, I was announced the WILCOM DIGITAL TEXTILE ARTIST OF THE YEAR.

What an experience!! Wonder evening surrounded by passionate creative embroiders from across the globe. The work of the 24 finalists was diverse in theme interpretation as it was techniques, presentation and vision. My work was shortlist for 2 awards and picked up the digital award. Feedback from viewers and judges was very positive.

Diana Sprigwell, reknown embroider, loves the diversity of techniques and the "wonderful use of positive and negative space". The 3D element touch and the disruptiveness of the machine has created enabled you to put the "soul into the machine'.

Polly Kenny (Judge and lecturer from LCF) loved the detailing and methodology of my approach and application. Polly has asked me to be part of her research project and to also talk to the students at LCF about my work and approach.

Anthea Godfrey (Judge and artistic director of the Embroiders Guild) was very impressed with my work and we discussed my current project, The Windermere Tapestry. Anthea is willing to pull strings to have it exhibited at the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace, London either in Oct 2020 or Oct 2021.

This experience has inspired me to enter it again next year, where the brief explores colour.

Based on my observations of the entries this year, I am thinking of either entering the fashion category (my tailored jacket) or/and the textile category with a new piece. I would like to explore 3D moulded embroidery and am thinking a sculptural animal 50/50 machine hand embroidered could be well received. A sculptured piece would certainly standout from the rest.

Watch this Space!!!!!!