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William Morris with Plastic


Today was such fun painting with my 6yr old son, getting messy with leaf printing and poster paints. I chose blue as the main colour in homage to William Morris who used this colour in a lot of his wall paper designs. The leaves were collected from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on one of my running sessions and dried for a couple of days between layers of kitchen paper under weight to flatten.

The leaf prints turned out very well and were later digitised and manipulated on Adobe Photoshop to create Morris inspired floral prints.

Rather than simply recreating a Morris print, I wanted to create images that could start discussion and debate when closely examined. I decided to play on the plastic pollution topic dominating social media and tv documentaries at present, and used plastic objects in my recycle bin to create print patterns using the same technique as the leaf print. Muller yogurt pots, milk bottles , bottle tops and beer can 6 pack holders created effective patterns. My aim was to create Morris influenced prints that utilised digital technology, combining floral and plastic elements without being obvious initially on first viewing. The heron image trapped in a plastic bag was taken from the internet and manipulated to make it less obvious on initial viewing, by applying a CAD Photoshop filter and disguising it as a flower head. (Bottom middle image above).

Prints could be used as the fabrics for the coffin 3D and 4D draping, designs for jacket linings, or further manipulated by using other techniques. I would like to laser etch one of the designs on a larger scale reflecting on the canvas samples produced earlier.