Setting the Pace


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Book 1

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Context and Sustainability

Reports, Papers, Articles  about Clothing, the Environment and more.

The file in this video focuses on environmental issues connected to the fashion industry and its carbon footprint. 

It was used to set the context of the project with information used featured in book 1.


Research Book (William Morris)

Exploring Techniques and Processes.

This body of work was carried out at the beginning of year 1 and contains research into the works of William Morris and embroidery artists, leading into initial sampling with canvas cloth and felt, using a variety of traditional techniques and new technologies. The latter pages explore the creation of basic prints using manmade post consumer waste and natural forms, before refining using CAD software tools.


Research Book (Edward Carpenter)

Exploring Techniques and Processes.

This body of work was carried out at the beginning of year 1 and contains research into the works of Edward Carpenter and creative pattern cutting theories, leading into initial calico toiling based on the concept, "Coffin Draping". This methodology explores 3D & 4D pattern cutting and its relationship with the human body in an attempt to liberate it from the "Many layers between man and god" as identified in his paper Simplification of Life. New technologies were introduced in the form of CLO 3D to investigate a more sustainable approach to adopting coffin draping. 

After my 2nd formative assessment, I decided that it was impractical to continue investigating both William Morris and Edward Carpenter, due mainly to time restraints. Both paths had a lot of potential for further development, and I opted to continue exploring William Morris and surface manipulation through graphics and application as I felt this aligned more to my interests and future aspirations as a hybrid designer. My main concern with the coffin draping was that it could be deemed as a gimmick and I did not want to be labelled as such in my practice.


Coffin Draping

Inspired by Edward Carpenter

One of 4D coffin draping toiles on a half scale dummy.



Technical File

All things more technical in this folder. Includes research from books, journals, techniques, artisan examples, artefacts, fashion and more.


Initial Canvas Samples

Experimenting on Removed Internal Jacket Elements

This video shows my early exploration and sampling in an attempt to answer the question, "Could I embellish and add visual interest to the internal construction elements of a discarded tailored jacket?"

Needlework was the primary technique however others were explored to determine compatibility. 


Hand & Lock Competition


This body of work is specific to the Hand & Lock Embroidery Competition 2019. The Owl & Rat was entered into the Student Textile Category, addressing the given theme of texture & Intrigue. The piece uses symbolism to tell the story or the impact of the Victorian industrial revolution on craft and hand skills, with the wise owl representing the powerful and wealthy business owners killing the rats (manual workers). The piece was framed in a bespoke wooden surround, inspired by the heald panels, used in traditional victorian hand weaving looms. This piece was shortlisted for two awards and was awarded the Wilcom Digital Embroidery Award, Textiles at an awards evening in London, 2020.