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Book 2

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Technical File

All things more technical in this folder. Includes research from books, journals, construction techniques, fitting, posture, designer tailoring, jacket internals and details, step by step guides, templates, technicals and more....


Tailored Jacket Folder

This folder shows my research and development of a highly decorative tailored jacket. The aim is identify personalisation opportunities for menswear  and my focus was on the concept of elevating the internal construction features of the jacket, making them visually interesting by the removal of the lining. The theme chosen was littering, using discarded manmade waste to create print ideas and more...

The video starts off showing the litter and how photography and new smart Apps are used in a studio environment to create a range of prints for the shell and lining. Chosen prints are then projected onto a calico toile to gauge scale and effect. 

You are given an insight into the complexities of production using CAD visualisation software, before physically manufacturing the concepts in card and printed wool. 

The jacket was not completed due to lockdown and restrictions of resources and limitations of time. I will be looking to develop this new tailored aesthetic in the near future.


Print Designs 

Expanding Beyond the Jacket

Using the litter spotted around Lake Windermere to create possible print designs for the shell and lining of a tailored jacket. Various techniques and approaches were used to create the graphical prints, exploring different styles, scales, colour ways; all digitally printed to evaluate suitable cloth options available.

This video also shows an early print book album that was created using a smartphone App, evidencing a variety of prints and some source imagery.

Selected prints were used to analyse the potential application in the creation of socks, long sleeve t-shirt, apron, pillow case, tea towel and wallpaper. Like William Morris, I was intrigued by the idea of expanding my creative reach and product offering.