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Getting 3D Scanned

Sheffield Hallam University Sports Science Department

Inspired by Antony Gormley I used my own body and running posture to inform the running man mannequin. 3D scanning technologies were used to create a useable STL file, which was cropped using Mesh Mixer, sliced using Splicer and refined using Adobe Illustrator.


Torso Construction Steps

Use this video as a guide only. Several steps are impossible as the pieces will not slot together and therefore the effective pattern pieces have been split into multiple pieces to take this into account. The general order of make remains the same, but you will need to use your judgement in order to assemble. Tip: Use masking tape to hold pieces in place as you go along.


The Running Man

Bespoke Transparent Mannequin

Inspired by the design practices of Richard Long and Antony Gormley, this body of work leads up to the creation of a full size bespoke mannequin in a running pose.​

Originally it was intended to display the tailored jacket, so the viewer could see the external and internal sides without having to take the jacket off the stand. The running pose and trophy appearance was intended to link the jacket and tapestry aspects of the narrative. However, it was felt that the jacket and stand conflicted when combined, with viewer attention losing focus due to the visual busyness. The running mannequin was deemed a strong individual piece in its own right and therefore further developed through etched cladding decoration and the production of the 3D sculptured vermin, to strengthen the danger message of the narrative.


The Running Mannequin

Trophy or Tombstone?

Watch as the upper torso rotates 360 degrees and reflects the light. Designed to display the half tailored jacket, it was felt that the transparent sculpture was too strong a piece and fought with the garment. This artefact is the ultimate in personalised mannequin, matching my sizing and posture accurately.
The overall display stand resembles both a trophy and tombstone, which helps to create conversation and discussion around life, pollution, disease and death.


Rats Assemble

Building a Sliced Rat Sculpture

This video gives you an insight into the stages of building a rat sculpture using SPLICER software. The end stages of assembly  need ignoring as the pattern has been refined to avoid floating (Non attached) pieces. A similar process was used to create the Running Man Sculpture, though it was a lot more troublesome due to the large scale of the pieces and complexity of construction causing a high risk of snapping (Damage).