Windermere Embroidered Tapestry


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Book 4

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Tapestry Planning and Organisation

This folder contains papers on running and documentation on the Windermere Marathon. Each section of the marathon has been cross referenced with Google Maps to identify features specific to each mile area, that could inform the splitting shape of the pattern pieces. Some emails have been printed off showing the communication between myself and the embroiderer for each section. (Many more emails are still on my computer, but due to limited resources and access as a result of lockdown, I am unable to add them to this file.)


Windermere Am I still Beautiful?

Full length embroidered tapestry - 26.2ft in length by 55cm height.

The full embroidered tapestry videoed in my garden during lockdown. In this video mile 12 is missing as the artisan was affected by the Coronavirus, hence why the edge is not finished also.

I have secured funding to purchase materials in order to make a bespoke display stand, however lockdown and no access to specialist equipment has prevented this from taking place. I am intending to produce the stand in preparation for the Knitting & Stitching shows later in the year or for 2021 showcasing.



Litter surrounds us to the point we no longer see it. It blends into our natural environment, spoiling its beauty and damaging the wildlife. The question is, how observant are you? Take this quiz and see if you can match the littler to the appropriate section of the Windermere Am I Still Beautiful embroidered tapestry. (See the above video or the whole piece in exhibit, in person).  One piece of litter is hidden in each section, some will be easy to spot, but some will really push your critical analysis skills and interpretation abilities. When you go on your next walk to the shops, exercise the dog, take the kids to school..take a look a where you are walking and see if you can spot the litter around you.

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Athens Institute For Education and Research

20th Annual International Conference on sports: Economic, Management, Marketing and Social Aspects May 2020

This video is the 23 minute presentation video that was presented at the above conference. The call was for artists who combine art with sport in their practice. It was originally intended to be presented in person, however due to lockdown this was changed to remote presentation only, via pre-recorded video format and LIVE Q&A session afterwards.